PV Nano Cell Update

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The past several months have been eventful at PV Nano Cell, and we are excited to share our updates with you. We are continuing to expand our product offerings, as we talk to numerous potential partners to develop revolutionary products that can transform the printed electronics industry.
We are rapidly growing, and we recently expanded our team with two new members. Zvika Lifschitz joins as chief financial officer, and Meni Biran joins as vice president of sales and marketing. They both bring extensive experience in printed electronics, and we are excited to have them onboard.
With the advancement of printed electronics, intelligence can be brought to virtually any object by enabling the use of fast digital 3D conductive inkjet printing technologies in mass production environments. These innovations can be used on flexible substrates such as plastic, fabric or even paper, as well as enable 3D printed electronic devices. PV Nano Cell’s innovative, nanometric conductive inks can accelerate the adoption of printed electronics in mass production applications. We are regularly adding new products to our portfolio and advancing our technologies, as we lead the printed electronics revolution. PV Nano Cell’s mission to advance digital printing technology through the use of its Sicrys™ inks in mass production applications is moving forward. We have signed an MOU with a leading printed circuit board manufacturer to create, with the implementation of its Sicrys™ inks, what we believe to be the first ever mass production inkjet conductive ink printing line. 
IDTechEx and Product Sneak Peek
We are thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA, the largest conference and exhibition for the printed electronics sector. The conference will be held on November 18th and19th in Santa Clara, California.  You can register to attend here
Stay tuned for details on our new product launch and be sure to visit us at the show, booth Q18!
Register here!
PV Nano Cell in the News!
PV Nano Cell’s innovations in both the solar and printed electronics industries have been making recent headlines.  A recent article in R&D Magazine reported that PV Nano Cell’s “Sicrys™ technology is on the forefront of solving the challenges faced by inkjet printing technology.”  The article addresses the significant advantages of noncontact inkjet printing for solar cells, as it can “prevent cell breakage, reduce wafer thickness and the cost of silicon required, and advance applications for ultra-thin cells.” On the printed electronics and 3D printing fronts, the article states that the adoption of Sicrys™ “can save on costs, make design modification easier, reduce weight and size, and enhance connectivity.” Additionally, AltEnergyMag featured a contributed article by CEO Dr. Fernando de la Vega about the advent of Sicrys™, highlighting its capability to cut solar cell production costs by 10 to 20 percent.
Industry News
The 3D printing and printed electronics industries have been growing exponentially in recent months. The latest evidence of this comes from retail giant, Macy’s Department Stores.  Macy’s flagship Herald Square store has recently introduced an in-store 3D printer that allows customers to print custom phone cases, jewelry and even a selfie figurine. The wonder of 3D printing even has the capability to save lives. A recent Fortune article reported on a 5-year-old girl’s life that was saved by the convergence of medicine and 3D printing. Her physicians printed a 3D model of her heart, which provided them with the ability to analyze a true-to-life replica before operating on the real thing in the operating room.
If you are interested in learning more about PV Nano Cell you can reach us at info@pvnanocell.com or visit us on the web at www.pvnanocell.com. We’d love to hear from you.
The PV Nano Cell Team
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