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PV Nano Cell won the IDTechEx Award for Best Development in Materials for 3D Printing
We are thrilled to announce that PV Nano Cell won the IDTechEx Award for Best Development in Materials for 3D Printing, which was presented at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference in November. PV Nano Cell was recognized for its portfolio of innovative nanometric conductive inks, enabling the mass production of printed electronics. We were truly honored to receive such a significant award, being recognized as a technology that is set to revolutionize 3D printed electronics.
While at the conference, we exhibited our newest SicrysTM ink, networked with our fellow innovators and met with new customers and partners. The excitement was palpable, and we are looking forward to keeping up the momentum!
​PV Nano Cell in the News!
PV Nano Cell made headlines in the printed electronics industry recently after winning this award. 3D Printing Progress reported that for the printed electronics industry to grow, there is great need for revolutionary technologies like PV Nano Cell’s. “The industry is in need of more developed technologies that are able to keep up with next-generation device manufacturing processes and are compatible with mass production standards,” the article stated. Energy Harvesting Journal said that "the judges felt that PV Nano Cell's impressive suite of 3D printable materials made it the clear choice for the materials award." Printed Electronics Now wrote about the award as well and said that “the ability to print with conductive inks offers both 3D and flexible and printed electronics new avenues for growth.”
Industry News
The innovations in the 3D printing space keep coming! Gizmodo recently reported on a clever 3D printer that fixes printing mistakes instead of starting again from scratch. This is important because it speeds up the product prototyping process and reduces the need for raw materials. The real-world effects of innovations in 3D printing can perhaps be most measured in the field of medicine. 3DPrint.com recently wrote about “3D printed medical models that are helping both doctors and patients prepare for complex surgeries by providing exact replicas of patients’ body parts.” In extremely impressive cases, these models can provide an alternative to the usual MRI or CT scans used to diagnose and treat brain tumors. In fact, RapidReady recently wrote about doctors using 3D printed models to help treat brain aneurisms.
 If you are interested in learning more about PV Nano Cell you can reach us at info@pvnanocell.com or visit us on the web at www.pvnanocell.com. We’d love to hear from you.
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